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How to Write Developer Job Descriptions That Work

Engineer Job Description Breakdown

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The start of a software engineer / lead job description serves an important purpose: It orients the candidate around what exactly the company does, what the position is, and how the position fits into the company. If executed well, it makes the position sound compelling and hooks the candidate en... Read More

A Developer Job Description Needs a Tech Stack

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When I stumble across a developer job description that doesn't mention the company's or product's tech stack (the set of technologies the role uses), I can't believe the missed opportunity. Many developers are motivated by the cool tech they get to work with when they join a c... Read More

Example of a Good Developer Job Description

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In earlier posts, I covered some guidelines for writing job descriptions for developer positions. But what does a good job description actually look like? Well, here's an example, courtesy of ... Read More

Writing Job Descriptions For Any Generation

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Indeed's blog has an excellent post on How to Craft a Job Description Gen Z Will Actually Read. The suggestions are pretty straight-forward: Keep it concise, spotlight growth potent... Read More

How to Write a Developer Job Description

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Welcome to the inaugural post of the Job Description Review Blog: You're Not Changing the World. When the most sought-after software developers read a job description, they often laugh. They roll their eyes. They squint at the combinations of tech buzzwords that don't make sense togethe... Read More